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"AsmGofer is an advanced Abstract State Machine (ASM) programming system, which runs under several platforms (Unix-based or MS-based operating systems). The aim of the AsmGofer system is to provide a modern ASM interpreter embedded in the well known functional programming language Gofer. Gofer is a subset of Haskell -- the de-facto standard for strongly typed lazy functional programming languages."  


AsmL is the Abstract State Machine Language. It is an executable specification language based on the theory of Abstract State Machines. Its current version is implemented in Microsoft .NET.  

ASM to C++ Compiler

An ASM-SL to C++ compiler that preserves the specification structure in the generated code without generating inefficient code.  

The Abstract State Machine Metamodel and its tool set

"Abstract State Machine Metamodel (AsmM) is a metamodel for the Abstract State Machines (ASMs) formal method developed by following the guidelines of the Model-Driven Engineering (MDE)."  

ASM Workbench

ASM Workbench is a framework for the systematic development of tools supporting the development and analysis of Abstract State Machine specifications.  


"Spec Explorer is a software development tool for advanced model-based specification and conformance testing. Spec Explorer can help software development teams detect errors in the design, specification and implementation of their systems. The tool is intended to be used by software testers, designers and implementers."  

The Timed Abstract State Machine (TASM) Language and Toolset

"The TASM Language was developed as an extension to the Abstract State Machine (ASM) Language. The core idea behind the TASM language is to incorporate functional and non-functional properties into a single specification language. Most specifically, the TASM language can specify functional behavior, timing behavior, and resource consumption."  

Xasm: eXtensible Abstract State Machines

The purpose of the Xasm project is to develop a programming language whose semantics is based on a minimal, imperative mathematical machine.

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